General Warehousing

Dedicated Warehouse

If you are looking for cost-effective, dedicated warehouse solutions, Thakur Shipping is your destination. We offer exclusive storage spaces for your operations that you can adjust as per your needs. Receive the advantages of end-to-end management – from labor and operations to technology implementations. Benefit from fixed expense management, providing cost predictability. With us, you can opt for long-term agreements ranging from three to seven years to ensure stability and security. We make tailored service agreements to cover every logistic-related service that you might need for your business.

Shared Warehouse

Explore efficient and cost-effective warehousing solutions with Thakur Shipping’s shared warehouses. Our collaborative multi-client environment optimizes resources, sharing labor, capital equipment, and technology infrastructure to ensure a streamlined distribution process. Benefit from adaptable solutions with short-term contracts, empowering your business with the much-needed flexibility to thrive in a dynamic logistics ecosystem. Our expertise, cutting-edge technology, and scalable solutions make shared warehousing a strategic choice for small and medium-sized businesses, especially during peak seasons when the volume of orders is high. We enable you to make a smart choice for your business by providing an effective logistics strategy.

Buffer Warehouse

Experience our buffer warehousing services for seamless production overflow management. Our buffer warehouses are strategically positioned near your production center, efficiently absorbing excess finished products and ensuring optimal space utilization. As a crucial link in your supply chain, we temporarily store items before shipping them to other company warehouses, distributors, or end customers. Our services are ideal for businesses facing high production volumes or seasonal fluctuations. Every step performed by our team is to ensure the safety of your products and streamlined logistics solutions. Benefit from our expansive storage solutions to reap the benefits, like comprehensive control over your goods, reduced inventory management expenses, and quicker delivery.

Warehouse Automation

Bonded Warehousing

Tap into the international trade market with our Bonded Warehousing solutions. Our specialized storage services provide a duty-free space for your goods, allowing storage until you complete all your paperwork and pay your duties. Our warehouses facilitate the storage, manipulation, or manufacturing of imported dutiable goods without immediate duty payment. They are ideal for businesses that deal in restricted items and specialty services such as deep freeze or bulk liquid storage. Thakur Shipping offers seamless international trade solutions by providing duty-free zones for your goods.

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