Container Storage

Container Storage

Where shipping containers are concerned, you can leave the logistics to us and forget about the complexities. We offer the highest quality shipping containers that are thoroughly inspected and certified to meet our rigorous standards of durability and functionality, providing you with a cost-effective yet reliable solution. You can pick from our diverse size range to suit your needs, from the compact 8 ft., 10 ft., or 20 ft.

containers to the more spacious 30, 45, or 50 ft ones. Whether for transportation, storage, or other projects, our shipping containers provide an efficient and budget-friendly solution. You can rely on our expert team's guidance for selecting the right size that aligns with your needs.

ODC Logistics

CFS Management – Import

In the context of container storage within the CFS (Container Freight Station) management for imports, efficient handling and organization are crucial. CFS management involves overseeing the handling, storage, and distribution of containerized cargo at designated facilities. Importantly, this includes maintaining accurate inventory records, ensuring proper stacking and storage conditions to prevent damage, and adhering to relevant safety and security protocols.

Effective coordination with customs authorities and shipping lines is also essential to facilitate the timely clearance and onward transportation of imported goods. Employing advanced tracking and management systems can streamline operations and optimize resource utilization, ultimately enhancing overall efficiency and customer satisfaction in the import process.

Capital Goods Clearance

Dock Stuffing - Export

Dock stuffing, particularly in the context of exports, involves the strategic loading of cargo containers at the dock for shipment. This process is pivotal for ensuring efficient and secure transportation of goods to their destination. Effective dock stuffing management includes meticulous planning and coordination to maximize container space utilization while adhering to weight distribution regulations and cargo compatibility requirements.

It also entails proper documentation and labeling of containers to facilitate smooth handling and tracking throughout the export journey. Employing skilled personnel and employing advanced equipment can enhance efficiency and minimize the risk of damage or delays. Additionally, adherence to safety protocols and regulatory compliance is paramount to safeguard both personnel and cargo during the dock stuffing process.

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