Ocean Freight

Freight Forwarder

We provide FCL or Full Container Load services for transportation, ensuring a secure supply chain, greater level of control, and full transparency to shippers. It is the most cost-efficient transport mode for your business and also ensures faster delivery since there is no grouping or separation of goods that could cause a delay.

Through our FCL services, you can get customized container shipping adapted to your needs. You also get the benefit of tracking your shipping continuously till it reaches the destination. We follow an efficient and regulated process that ensures on-time delivery of your shipment.

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We offer LCL or Less-than-container Load services to our clients whose shipments are too small to fit a whole container. Our LCL services offer significant cost advantages to our clients. The consolidation of multiple shipments from different customers. allow you the benefit of sharing the transportation costs. You only pay for the space occupied by your cargo in the container.

Through LCL shipping, you get the flexibility to adapt as per the changing needs. It allows you to ship small boxes and pallets instead of having to wait to fill a full container with your cargo.

International Logistics Services
Special Equipment’s & ISO Tanks

For our clients whose cargo is too big to fit into standard containers, we offer our special equipment container shipment services. It lets you ship your oversized, awkward-sized, or odd-shaped cargo safely and easily to the chosen destination. We consider the height, length, and width of the cargo to provide you with the best deal for your cargo.

We also offer ISO containers that are a low-cost solution to transport hazardous or non-hazardous liquids. They are an excellent option if you need to transport bulk amounts of chemicals or other liquids safely over long distances.

Air Freight

Air freight
Cargo Flights

We understand that transporting high-value or perishable goods can be risky and needs to be done with the utmost care. Through our professional cargo flight services, we ensure smooth, safe, and hassle-free shipping, ensuring they are delivered in the shortest possible time. Our professionals meticulously manage capacity constraints, address security concerns, and optimize time-sensitive shipments, letting you focus on other tasks that need your attention.

By employing advanced tracking systems and developing contingency plans for external disruptions, Thakur Shipping ensures seamless and reliable global cargo transportation. Trust us as your reliable partner for the safe transportation of your diverse commodities, ranging from temperature-sensitive products to electronics, pharmaceuticals, auto parts, and machinery.

Ocean Freight
Charter Flight

For goods that require speed and reliability during transportation, Thakur Shipping offers tailored charter cargo services to meet diverse shipping needs. Whether it's transporting outsized machinery, hazardous materials, valuable goods, or urgent humanitarian aid, our cargo charter services ensure swift and secure deliveries.

For urgent situations, we boast a global reputation for immediate response to time-critical air cargo charter requests, particularly in industries like automotive, pharmaceutical, oil, and gas. Our expertise facilitates the smooth transportation of challenging items such as power station parts, marine engines, and even vehicles like helicopters and boats.

Freight Forwarder
Onboard Courier

When time and safety are of the essence, our On Board Courier (OBC) service leverages global airline networks to expedite time-critical shipments. Whether it's crucial manufacturing components, cutting-edge prototypes, or time-sensitive product samples, our team ensures rapid and secure delivery.

Available 24/7/365, our dedicated team provides direct access, emphasizing personal service over call centers. We offer global coverage with our fully insured, strategically located couriers worldwide, including those with access to traditionally challenging countries. We prioritize the safety and security of your shipments. Trust us for worldwide time-critical hand-carry shipments that surpass expectations, ensuring unmatched standards of security and expertise.

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